The update for the Homematic IP app with the version numbers 2.9.0 (iOS) and 2.9.8 (Android) rolls out from 19.10.21.

With surveillance cameras from EZVIZ, you always have your home in view. The latest Homematic IP app update enables smart cameras to be integrated directly into the app. Has a Homematic IP motion sensor reported activity even though there shouldn’t be anyone home? You can instantly open the EZVIZ app from the Homematic IP app and view the image. You will then know immediately if it’s the neighbour’s cat calling or if it’s something more suspicious.

Since the last app update, clever widgets have made it easier to control Homematic IP smart homes. Light actuators, light groups and the Homematic IP door lock drive can be operated directly from the smartphone's home screen. Widgets have now been included for shutter and blind actuators. These are ideal when you want to quickly close all the shutters in the evening or let sunshine into the house in the morning. On Android smartphones, the widgets now also feature a practical toggle function. 

The new installation report will be welcomed by owners of larger installations as well as professional installers. The Homematic IP app generates detailed documentation of the current system data at the touch of a button, including an overview of the connected devices, settings and more. The document is output as a PDF file for personal or customer use. 

With this update, linking a Homematic IP installation with mediola provides even more options. Devices connected to the access point now also trigger automations via mediola. App users can then also control third-party devices via mediola.

The new app version also supports the new firmware (v. 1.4.2) for the Homematic IP door lock drive, which is to be available shortly afterwards and features practical setting options. For example, confirmation signals can be deactivated, angle settings for final positions can be changed, and catch holding times can be increased to up to 5 seconds. The door lock drive is also to become compatible with the Home Connect Plus app.

The Homematic IP app update has the version numbers 2.9.0 (iOS) and 2.9.8 (Android). It is to be gradually rolled out from now in the relevant app stores and will be available to all users within a few days.